- 11.09.2014
Just finished up my cons for the year with Jet City Comic Show. What a great show! Saw so many of my friends and made a ton of new friends! Sold out of my Magic Monster Girls comic but don't worry it's now online! So check it out! Part II will hopefully be finished by the end of the year and will give me time to start on my next comic project for Emerald City! Time to start cranking those pages out! Feel free to give me a shout out on Twitter or Facebook! Love to hear what you think! :)

- 09.23.2014
Last weekend was Rose City Comicon and I had such a blast! I also had my third comic Magical Metal Monster Girls available for the first time! Portland is a cool city and I'll need to visit sometime when there's not a convention just to enjoy the city! I met tons of cool people, saw some old friends and made some new friends! Now to get back to writing and start on that next comic! Also planning on renewing my passport and visiting Vancouver for some possible future shows or just to visit and eat Dim Sum...

- 06.06.2014
Half way through 2014 and what a year it has been! Big news! My comic was recently featured in the local Seattle paper The Stranger! Ahh! This is the first time I've ever had something officially printed! Super excited and happy that they wanted to use one of my comics. Wow!! Woo! Wee! Ahh! Very cool things are happening! Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far! I really appreciate it! You know who you are! I have some really awesome friends and love them all!

- 04.27.2014
New updates to the website! Which means CHOPPING BLOCK is now online! Check it out! I decided to consolidated everything onto one page because I felt that I didn't have enough content to really have separate pages for everything. Also new webshop!! I'll be adding prints and more goodies in the next few months! Oh and now there's a convention schedule!! Sheesh! After writing it all out, I realize that I am busy this year and need to get to work and make more comics!

- Jet City Comic Show - November 7-8th
- Rose City Comicon - September 19th-20th
- Crypticon Seattle - May 22nd-24th (TBD)
- Emerald City Comic Con - March 27th-29th
- Jet City Comic Show - November 8th
- Bellingham Comicon - October 18th
- Rose City Comicon - September 20th-21th
- Exterminator City II - August 3rd (Featured poster artist)
- Portland Zine Symposium - July 12th-13th (Not present but zines available at table 35a)
- Olympia Comics Festival - June 7th
- Exterminator City - April 5th
- Emerald City Comic Con - March 28th-30th Table X-10
- Jet City Comic Show - November 2nd

Laura is a 16th lvl Metal Mahou Shoujo Paladin from Seattle Washington. She draws really bad comics and doesn't trust anyone who doesn't like SLAYERS the anime. You can contact her at any of the above social media sites or through good old traditional email at mail[at]tribal-century.com